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This is a space for me to see, love, and never let go of things that I like. I'm 19 female and try to branch out but it tends to be pretty ugh just my fandoms, some celebrities and there just so happens to be a lot of sexy stuff. Hardly ever tagged but this is for me so whatever.

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I just increasingly enjoy the quiet moments when I can be on my own with my friends and family, or with a book, having a live experience. That’s really what I crave, and I always have done. (x)

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jumping on the bandwagon: wreck-it ralph edition

This is literally the best one I have seen


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Not suspicious at all, Misha.
Not. One. Bit.

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Doris and oranges πŸ’šπŸŠπŸ’šπŸŠπŸ’š

do you solemnly swear to stay in your lane, your whole lane, and nothing but your lane

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Celebrities take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS. (Part 1)

I feel like Misha's ALS Challenge went a little something like this:

Misha: Vickiiiiiii! Barrowman challenged me to do the ice bucket challenge!
Vicki: *sigh* *puts her wine glass down*
Misha: I have the BEST idea! Can you go to the store and get like five - NO - ten bags of ice? .....babe?
20 minutes later
Misha: Can you see it?
Vicki: *squints* *smirks* No.
Misha: *rearranges floaty toy* You sure?
Vicki: Yes!
Misha: Ok, lets do this fast before my balls fall off.


From Elon James White Tuesday night.

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